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100% Natural Handmade Sunstone Bead 7×7-13×13 mm, Heart & Faceted weight 134 cts 9 Inch long. ND15


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Title :- 100% Natural Handmade Sunstone Bead 7×7-13×13 mm, Heart & Faceted weight 134 cts 9 Inch long. ND15

Gemstone: Sunstone

Necklaces Length :- 9 Inch

Stone Shape: Heart

Stone Cut: Faceted

Stone Size: 7×7-13×13 mm

Weight :- 134 ct.

Quality :- AAA+++ Quality

Discripation :- We believe in delivering the same product which we are offering in the listing.

These are really so gorgeous. you simply can’t resist them. They can make any simple creation the most beautiful & unique one..

Super Quality : For making any kind of beautiful jewellery setted with these nice gem stones.

Measurements and weight are close approximations
100% Genuine & Natural.

As a manufacturers we offer you that , If you want to buy more than one strand or want to buy any thing else feel free to email us and let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to list it for you as soon as.

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