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Why Sell on Mangtum One Marketplace to – Grow your current Business by selling in Mangtum. Convert your Hobby to Business and reach the hearts of millions by selling your Handmade items. Resell new goods/items. Sell your great Services Low Fees NO Listing Fees NO Monthly Fees Mangtum Transaction fees 3% + 25 cents of only the price of product (No fees on Shipping and Taxes). The rest is Store Earnings. (SERVICES have a fee of 9% + 99 cents per service order) Payment processing fees of 2.9% + 30 cents (applied only to the store earnings). Mangtum pays its own Payment processing fees on mangtum fees. (Note – Paypal charges 25 cents to transfer funds to US paypal accounts (2% for outside US accounts)) Great Support – We are here to support you in every aspect of your business at Mangtum starting from creating an Account, listing your product and services or any query. Contact Us and we are with you in every aspect of your selling. Focus just on Selling – Seller do not have to worry about paying bills or refunds. We have got it all covered. Never receive an invoice (unless there is a refund for an order for which the earnings have already been paid / transferred). 5. We will import your products and services – Provide us CSV of your products and we will import them to your store. Contact us if you need a sample excel file for your inventory. We will send you one based on your products/services and requirement.

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